Niagara elections
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Niagara Elections - By the Numbers

The Niagara Region has an abundance of politicians, particularly when compared to the similarly-sized city of Hamilton. I enjoyed the stories of people saying they were going to throw their hat into the ring in the mayoral race, so I made that the focal part of the document — an actual ring (a circus ring…) filled with hats in stacks representing each municipality in Niagara. The top hats are for the male candidates, and the bonnets are for the female candidates.

This spread was part of the package that earned me a 2014 Ontario Newspaper Award nomination:

Brad Demers’ work on the Niagara election was impressive. He made great use of a staggering amount of information and presented it in a fashion that was eye-catching and informative. Particularly successful was his illustration “Hats in the ring” where many hats represented those campaigning for mayor in the Niagara region. The imagery was a unique way to clearly illustrate an abstract news item. Demers’s graphics demonstrate an ability to organize a lot of information and create memorable visual illustrations.

— 61st Annual Ontario Newspaper Awards program